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I’m back already. My blood’s still fin

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I’m back already. My blood’s still fine after all, so they gave me a dozen (ok, probably not that many) pokes trying to get blood for nothing. On the upside, I know I’m fine (except a stomach virus apparently) at least.

Well, I’m going back to the hospital. N

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Well, I’m going back to the hospital. No idea if it’s just today or they’re going to check me in again though. I’ve started feeling sick again, not quite the same as last time but close, so I don’t want to take any chances. Especially since they still don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe they’ll test my blood and send me back home, maybe not. I’ll post more soon as I know.

I’m back from the hospital! I’ve been

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I’m back from the hospital!

I’ve been sick for a while now, which is why I haven’t been posting much, but I thought it was just normal sickness. Mostly it involved looking incredibly pale, sleeping all the time and headaches. It kept getting worse and worse until two weeks ago I got dizzy spells and started throwing up, I couldn’t stomach food. Usually when I get sick to my stomach it lasts no more than a few days. So after a week I went to the doctor, last Thursday, expecting a sinus infection was behind everything.

He took one look at me and sent me over to the hospital for a blood test. When my blood count came in at 54 (140-160 is normal), I was immediately sent to the ER and started getting blood transfusions. They assumed I had a GI bleed and sent me in for a gastroscope the next day. (Bonus that the scope punching through my esophagus has eased my usual difficulty swallowing pills.)

The scope found nothing. So they referred me to the lead Internist in the hospital, who was incredibly busy. For almost a week I waited to see him, and in the mean time the general doctor overseeing my case (Dr. Reid, fantastic guy) ran multiple blood tests, everything he could think of. Other than my blood being low (they stopped giving me transfusions when I hit around 80) and a bad Potassium (which I had to drink this awful medicine to fix) they couldn’t see a problem. I showed none of the signs of bleeding, or any of the other conditions he knew about.

Finally, they referred me to a different Internist, who came and saw me the same day he got the referral. Problem was, he had no clue what was wrong either. He said his normal next step would be to check my bone marrow, but because I’m rather overweight and have an odd bone structure, though, they’d like to avoid that. So instead he referred me to a blood specialist (hemotologist?).

But, the good news is I can work with him as an outpatient, since my blood has hovered around 80 for days and I seem stable.

So, I’m home. I’m still sick, I barely feel like doing anything but watching TV and browsing the web, and I probably have a mass of blood and other tests in my future, but I’m home at least.

Slowly building up steam…

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It’s taking some work, but I’m starting to get back to speed as my coughing slowly, very very slowly, disappears. I’m pretty much back to normal, except it takes meds to make me that way instead of being naturally better.

In any case, business-wise I’m making progress. Plans are made so I can start the hosting side of the business with just the $500 from ODSP, in a way that I can keep it in business even if I don’t get any clients for months. Hopefully I will, though. I think I’ve found my niche, too, but I won’t be mentioning what just yet, as I have to think about how to take advantage of it first.

So, things are going well. Hopefully won’t be too much longer until I’m ready to go.

Apologies! Sorry I haven’t been around

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Sorry I haven’t been around very much! After being sick for three weeks (and still not totally 100% recovered, that infection did a number to my airways), I’ve been scrambling to catch up with work. I’ve met with my Employment Support provider, from the company Northern Lights, and after discussing it with him it looks like I might start out with just hosting, and add the other business elements once I get the money for the software and hardware I need.

On the up side, I’ll get experience setting up an e-commerce site by setting up my own, before anybody asks me to make one. Also, by the time I’m ready CS5 will be out, so I can go directly to it. (I’m very excited about CS5. Especially Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill and pretty much all of Flash Catalyst.)

Still sick…

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Just wanted to let people know that I’m still sick, but quickly on my way to recovery. Hopefully I’ll be back to work and posting again soon.